1. Introduction: Why Should You Read This?

Because ignorance is not bliss.

Joe Langfeld, Human Life Alliance

Beyond the rhetoric of supporters, do you know if Planned Parenthood really helps women?

Think about it. Planned Parenthood is the number one provider of abortions in the nation. Complications from abortion present real medical dangers to women. Dangers that include a higher risk of maternal death, which increase with each abortion;[1] links to mental illness[2],  sterility[3] as well as future risk of premature birth and low birth-weight4 for the baby. Does any of this sound like a healthy choice?

Planned Parenthood claims to promote positive options for women, but it pushes birth control pills. The World Health Organization states these pills contain a Group 1 carcinogen[5]. Cancer is the second highest cause of death in American women[6]. Still think Planned Parenthood cares about women’s health?

How about young people? Planned Parenthood champions the use of condoms by teens and preteens for “safer sex.” Condoms don’t prevent herpes or human papillomavirus (HPV). Did you know more females die of complications related to HPV than AIDS?

Inside you can read information about Planned Parenthood’s origins. You’ll see evidence of its real purpose, how it obtains funds and who it targets. You also learn about its deceptive marketing and fraudulent business practices. Today Planned Parenthood continues to embrace its questionable past and tout itself as, “America’s most trusted provider of reproductive healthcare.”

Consider the alarming facts and real-life testimonies as you read about The Truth Behind Planned Parenthood. Your life—or the life of a woman you know—may depend on it.

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