Board of Directors
Christine Arntzen
Matt Flanders
Melanie Freimuth
Tony Hartman
Paulette Kostick
Sonya May
Richard Larkin McLay
Hayley Tschetter
Dave Racer
Dan Wegner

Melanie Freimuth, President
Christine Arntzen, Secretary
Matt Flanders, Treasurer

Board of Advisors
Justin Bratnober
Rev. Johnny Hunter
Dr. Alveda King
Rev. Frank Pavone
Russ Rooney
Mary Schaefer
Mike Schaefer
Cindy Speltz
Dave Tupa
Rev. Brian Walker
Rev. Denise Walker

Joe Langfeld, Executive Director
Patience Griswold, Program and Marketing Coordinator
Sarah Monge, Program Coordinator
Catherine Harrington, Administrative Assistant

Founders and Original Board Members:

Vernon and Georgine Alt
Chelly Anderson
Gary and Dorothy Bentler
Maureen Boisclair
Jan Bruen
James Campbell
Paula Campbell
Bob and Lois Casserly
Tom and Ramona Clairmont
Mary Pat Clysdale
Erma Clardy Craven
Florence Daninger
Dan Donohoo
Dr. Vincent and Cathy Eilers
Mary Anne Frank
Mike and Dorothy Fleming

Tom and Cheryl Glisczinski
Janet Grant
Rev. Pat Griffin
Alice Hartle
Dr. George Hartle
William Massing, Esq.
Rose Huntley
Rosemarie Johnson
Rosemary Kassekert
Esther & Martin Kellogg
John and Mary Ann Kuharski
Neil Krick
Joseph Lampe
Margaret Lampe
Dr. Kevin and Anna Lawler
Gerry Lunzer

Don and Judy Makowske
Dr. Joseph Moriarity
Fiore Palarine
Mary Prior
Kevin Powers
Ruth Powers
Mary Quenette
Jeanne Schmitz
Alice Schriefels
Mark Schulzetenberg
Mary Senander
Edward Soshnik, Esq.
Polly Spott
Marg Wolters
Angela and Don Wozniak, Esq.