Resources for Educators

Resources for Educators

Looking for ways to build a culture of life at your school and in your classroom? Human Life Alliance has publications designed just for you! A yet-to-be-released study found that considering the “what ifs” of an unexpected pregnancy ahead of time was essential to rejecting abortion. That’s why HLA has materials that engage students on the value of abstinence, how to navigate an increasingly sexualized culture, and how to seek help or come alongside a friend in an unexpected pregnancy. Check out our resources for educators below, or explore all of Human Life Alliance's materials.

Just 4 Girls Just 4 Guys Magazine


Just 4 Girls/Just 4 Guys

This flip-magazine helps Gen Zers learn about successful relationships. From understanding the “Success Sequence” to peer pressure with the dangers of pornography, this resource is designed for high school health classes and youth group presentations. 

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What If...?

Did you know the majority of Americans have never had a serious conversation about abortion? The 2023 edition of HLA's student outreach magazine is here to change that by asking, "What if we talked about abortion?" Including personal testimonies, responses to common arguments for abortion, and questions designed to make people think, like "What if abortion hurts women?" "What if abortion isn't medically necessary?" and "What if it isn't about choice?" 16 pages.

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Comic Book

Life Begins: An Amazing Adventure

Great for introducing younger audiences to prenatal development and the beauty of life in the womb! With a fun, comic book format, Gus and Lila walk young readers through the amazing adventure of life from its earliest moments up to birth

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