Community Resources

Resources for Churches and Communities

Did you know that the majority of Americans have never had an actual conversation about abortion? Even in churches, many people are uncomfortable speaking up for the value, dignity, and personhood of every human life. You can be part of changing that in your community! Human Life Alliance’s resources are designed to equip you, your church, and your community to build a culture of life, one changed heart and mind at a time. Check out community resources below, or explore all of Human Life Alliance's materials.

She's a Child Not a Choice Magazine


She's a Child Not a Choice

She’s a Child Not a Choice is designed to reach a broad demographic. Topics covered include: A typical discussion with a person with a pro-choice perspective, the history Roe v. Wade, what pregnancy centers offer, healing after abortion and many more.

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Imposed Death Magazine


Imposed Death

Are you equipped to make life-affirming decisions for yourself or a loved one in a medical crisis? Imposed Death exposes common misunderstandings associated with Living Wills and end-of-life decisions. This publication documents society’s progress down the ‘slippery slope’ of assisted suicide and euthanasia to dehumanize the elderly, disabled, and medically vulnerable. 

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Life Begins Comic Book

Comic Book

Life Begins: An Amazing Adventure

Great for introducing younger audiences to prenatal development and the beauty of life in the womb! With a fun, comic book format, Gus and Lila walk young readers through the amazing adventure of life from its earliest moments up to birth. 

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Just 3 Girls/Just 4 Guys

This flip-magazine helps Gen Zers learn about successful relationships. From understanding the “Success Sequence” to peer pressure with the dangers of pornography, this resource is designed for high school health classes and youth group presentations. 

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The Truth About Planned Parenthood


The Truth About Planned Parenthood

Do you know the truth about Planned Parenthood? Do the people in your church or your community know the truth? Inside this publication, you will learn about Planned Parenthood’s origins, see evidence of its real purpose, and who it targets. You can also read about the personal scars it inflicts on real women.

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First Eight Weeks Fact Card

Fact Cards

First Eight Weeks

With a colorful image and description for each of the first critical 8 weeks of a pre-born baby’s life, the First 8 Weeks Fact Card is designed to not only tell people about but show them the dignity of human life. 

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