why should you be concerned

History teaches us that a society which fails to respect and protect everyone’s life is not a safe place for anyone. The intentional ending of human lives by euthanasia and assisted suicide is becoming increasingly common.

Euthanasia literally translated from Greek means “good death.” In this publication, the more accurate term “imposed death” is frequently substituted for “euthanasia” and its partner “assisted suicide” (see Definitions).

You may ask: Why do I need to read this publication? Because the whole human race has a stake in the answer to the question, “Should imposed death be permitted by law?”

In this publication we will examine imposed death from various angles, highlighting the experiences and opinions of those most intimately affected by it. In order to make informed decisions, you need the unvarnished truth about this vitally important topic.
Advocates of euthanasia and assisted suicide use seductive slogans like the “right to die,” “choice in dying,” and “aid in dying.” Giving governments the power to authorize the individual’s “right” to choose when and how to die begins the progression from voluntary imposed death to involuntary imposed death. At what point does a “right” become an expectation, even a duty? We encourage you to ponder this question as you read Imposed Death.