Just for Girls/Just for Guys 2019-20

This trendy, double-sided flip magazine for teens, presents the importance of abstinence until marriage. It covers a wide variety of topics on sex, dating, and healthy relationships. Teens will read both sides! 16 pages.
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This edition of Just for Girls/Just for Guys includes several revisions and additions including:

  • The introductions have updated themes, Girls: "Live a purpose driven life as an empowered woman," Guys: "Don't buy the myth that authentic masculinity is toxic."
  • Updated waiting for marriage testimonies, with the names and photos of the actual authors.
  • An updated article on "chick flicks" and how they set unrealistic expectations of relationships.
  • A new, fictional, text conversation that illustrates that premarital sex is about objectification rather than love.
  • A new in-depth article about Hormonal Contraception.
  • A new article that gives practical tips and ideas for breaking an addiction to pornography.

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