Women share their Planned Parenthood experiences

I had a botched abortion in Atlanta’s Planned Parenthood abortion clinic. The doctor left the dead fetus inside and I needed immediate medical attention. For the health of women, please defund Planned Parenthood.


The Planned Parenthood clinic I had my abortion in told me my “fetus” was 7-8 weeks and, being only 15 years old, I didn’t know what that meant. Afterward they told me I was actually 10-12 weeks. I got very sick & was vomiting directly after the procedure, the room was spinning and I could barely stand. They pushed me out the door with a plastic bag for my trip home. I had severe pain and hemorrhaging afterward but was too embarrassed to go for help. I suffered with very serious depression & emotional issues for 20 years after.


I was 17 years old - the lady at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Council Bluffs, Iowa told me I could go to Women’s Services clinic in Omaha, Nebraska to get the procedure. My boyfriend at the time was 23 or 24 and I was told not to mention that or he would get into trouble. I don’t feel like they really had my best interest in mind. From what I understand, they still give young girls the same advice. I was devastated by that abortion and my life spiraled downward.


I was 15 years old when my mother and I returned to Planned Parenthood after the contraceptive they provided months earlier failed. I was told I was 11 weeks pregnant and that my pregnancy was a ‘clump of cells.’ I was told to hurry to make an appointment if I wanted an abortion because at 12 weeks, the price would be higher. I was not given any counseling of any kind whatsoever. Today, I deeply regret my abortion.


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