This week, HLA’s Executive Director, Andy Aplikowski, spoke out against assisted suicide at the Minnesota Capitol. You can watch his testimony before the committee here.

Read HLA’s written testimony against assisted suicide.

We are so grateful for the Minnesotans who showed up to speak up for medically vulnerable individuals who would be threatened by this legislation. Please consider contacting your state and federal legislators and urging them to protect life in your state.

At the hearing, Blessing Griswold, a college student who uses HLA’s materials on campus, shared her reasons for opposing Minnesota’s assisted suicide legislation. Blessing has suffered from daily migraines for three years. She shared with the committee how the mentality behind assisted suicide sends the message that the lives of people with daily pain are less valuable. "If a physically healthy person becomes suicidal, the first response of friends and family is to find help. Why not the terminally ill?" she asked.

Assisted suicide is based on the poisonous lie that not all lives are equally valuable and that some lives aren’t worth living. Instead of offering genuine support and compassion for people who are experiencing pain and sickness, it offers death.

HLA stands for the sanctity of all human life and is committed to equipping the pro-life community to get involved and defend life from the moment of fertilization to natural death.

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